LinkedIn for Pros: Tips & Tricks for Maximizing Your Presence
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LinkedIn with Viveka von Rosen

LinkedIn for Pros: Tips, Tricks & Hacks to Maximize Your Presence (with Viveka von Rosen)

LinkedIn for Pros:
Tips, Tricks & Hacks to Maximize Your Presence

About Viveka von Rosen

Viveka von RosenViveka von Rosen is author of “LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day” and “LinkedIn Security: Who’s Watching You”.  She is a contributing “expert” to LinkedIn’s official “Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide” and Forbes’ “The Millennial Game Plan” and Mitch Meyerson’s “Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Super Stars.” She is known internationally as the “LinkedIn Expert”.

Viveka is the Founder of Linked Into Business and she also hosts the biggest LinkedIn chat on Twitter.

Viveka has 32,000+ followers and a network of over 38 million people on LinkedIn, and 81,000+ followers on Twitter. Her seminars, webinars and workshops have taught and trained well over 90,000 people. She has personally worked with executives at Sony, MGM, Turner, Disney, The New York Times, The Daily Beast, Bloomberg, Adaptive Insights, AON and several other Fortune 500 Companies. She is regularly asked to speak at conferences and events for thought leading Social companies like the Hubspot, Social Media Examiner, Marketing Profs (and Boxless Media).

Forbes listed her as a top social media Influencer for 4 years in a row, and she has been cited in Entrepreneur, Business, Money Magazine, Simple Living, Ragan, CNN, Forbes, Mashable, The Miami Herald, Social Media Today and The Social Media Examiner.

How to connect with Viveka…


  • LinkedIn is a business tool more than a social network
  • If your client base is on LinkedIn, then you need to be there.
  • Definitely connect to people you don’t know as long as they are people you should know.
  • If you want to be seen as a thought leader in your industry, you need to be publishing on LinkedIn.
  • Publisher is an incredibly powerful tool. Don’t be discouraged by low numbers, be encouraged by the interaction and engagement.
  • It’s all about talking to people and engaging!

Who needs to be on LinkedIn?

94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find job candidates. 58% of recruiters ONLY use LinkedIn to find their jobs candidates and yet students are not on there. It’s important to remember that LinkedIn is much more than a job seeking tool though.

According to Viveka, if your client base is on LinkedIn, then you need to be there. There is no question about it for people in B2B marketing or sales or business owners. Think about who your audience is. If they are there, you need to be there.

How much time do I need to spend on LinkedIn?

If you are strategic, you only need to spend about 15-20 minutes a day on LinkedIn. Spend more time if you are making money or generating leads on there.

What are the most important things to do on LinkedIn?

  • Check and see who viewed your profile. They are your friend, a colleague, prospect or competitor and there is a reason why they looked for you. Think about why they would and respond.
  • Check your messages and respond. Pick up your phone during those in-between times and see if there is anyone who you need to respond to. Then respond. Often messages equate to dollars or business
  • If someone has liked you or your content, endorsed you, liked or commented on one of your posts, use that opportunity, that notification, as a reason to engage and build a relationship

Who you accept as LinkedIn connections?

If someone would make a good customer or client or their audience would make a good customer or client, then connect with them. LinkedIn says only connect with people you know, but that is silly. If you don’t want to connect, ask them to follow you or offer them a link to your email newsletter. The bigger your network is on LinkedIn the more visible you will be. The more visible you, the more you can do there. Definitely connect to people you don’t know as long as they are people you should know.

Is there value in LinkedIn Endorsements?

The more endorsements you, the higher you will rank within LinkedIn search, so there is great value in Endorsements. You definitely want to encourage to endorse you by endorsing them for an applicable skill. Endorsements are worth so much more than a Facebook likes!

Which LinkedIn Apps do you need?

As of the release of this podcast in 2016, LinkedIn has released a number of apps and a lot of time has been invested in creating a very easy to use interface. They did a very good job of creating a great app that is more user-friendly than the web version. Whether you are an iOS or Android user, you definitely need to download the new app.

You definitely need to have the Groups app as well. The insights feature makes the Groups app so much easier to use because it shows you all the interactions people have had with your content. It is an amazing feature but for some reason it’s not available on the web version. It is only available on iOS. Typically, LinkedIn releases their apps as iOS apps then migrates to web and Android later.

If you have the Sales Navigator, Job Seeker or Recruiter, there are matching apps that you should download. You should definitely down these apps as well.

If you look at the upper right hand corner of your LinkedIn app, there is an icon with nine squares. Click on that icon and you can switch between LinkedIn apps. It will also recommend other available apps you may want to consider downloading. Swapping between these apps is very simple and seamless.

Who Should Publish Posts on LinkedIn?

If you are already creating content, you need to repurpose for LinkedIn. If it would be useful for you to be positioned as a thought leader in your business, you need to be publishing on LinkedIn. Yes it’s okay to repurpose your content but pay attention to who your audience is. We have seen that LinkedIn seems to get more engagement than websites.

There are a lot of third party apps where you can embed different content into your posts. Play around with these.

Publisher is an incredibly powerful tool. Don’t be discouraged by low numbers, be encouraged by the interaction and engagement.

What are some cool hacks, tips and tricks on LinkedIn…

  • You can export your LinkedIn connections and create a custom audience for Facebook (or even Twitter) advertising. You can also import these contacts into your CRM but you definitely should not add them to your email marketing lists unless you have them opt in.
  • Put your phone number in your profile. DO NOT PUT IT IN YOUR LAST NAME FIELD. You put it in your professional title section. Think about creating a Google Voice number and putting that in your background hero image.
  • Think about putting a link to a calendaring app in your profile (in your websites or summary section and even in published posts). Both Viveka and I use which is an awesome for allowing people to schedule time with you.
  • If you belong to same group as someone you want to connect with, you can message them through the group without having to pay for or redeem an InMail credit. There is a limit of 15 per month to this but it’s a great tool for reaching new people.
  • If you are in a group and there is active post, leave a response and invite people to reply to comments by clicking on the three dot icon. Just by sharing that tip in a comment, you can boost your likes, shares and overall visibility.

It’s all about talking to people and engaging!

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